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Best Pollack Catch, 2014, Onyermarks Seafishing Charters, Scotland

The Onyer Marks team fish during the summer months in the rich waters of Luce Bay on the south west tip of Scotland. Whether you wish to fish for Pollack , Tope, the numerous small Sharks or have a species hunt you can be assured that your Skippers will do as much as they can to put you over fish!

We pride ourselves on our catch rates and repeat bookings. Beginners and the young are very welcome as we see you as our future regulars. We have a special situation in south west Scotland because we can fish the sheltered shallow waters of Luce Bay, fish in thirty foot of water under the stunning cliffs or venture a short distance into the Irish sea which has depths over 80 metres just a couple of miles out.

Tope - Onyer Marks Sea Fishing Charters

Because of this unique geography most our fishing is carried out within a couple of miles of the coast and cancellations are rare. All three boats are capable of reaching speeds of 25 knots, which means you spend a lot of time fishing and the bait buckets are usually full within 15 minutes of stepping on board.

As we launch the boats from beaches we are usually flexible enough to make the decision on the day about your target species. This could be a half -day Toping and half a day’s Pollacking –  or any other combination you fancy!


We move our operation to Crinan, Argyle, for a month in both the Spring and Autumn to fish for the giant Common Skate and have some amazing results. Below is a run-down of the types of fishing we do, species we catch, and when and where we do it.

Bass - Onyer Marks Seafishing Charters, Scotland

Although we specialise in Tope and Pollack, the Species Hunts with Onyer Marks Sea Fishing Charters, Scotland, have become very popular. These are usually either anglers on one boat having a little competition between themselves, or groups that book three boats and have inter-boat competitions! These are really good fun for the skippers as well, as they feel under pressure to produce the goods.

There are certainly plenty of species to target as we have caught 62 different species over the years. The Onyer Marks record for a day’s fishing is 27 species, but twenty in a day is a realistic target. Below are just a few of the species caught over the years.


Sharks: Tope, Huss, Spurdog, Smoothhound, Rays, Common Skate, Blackmouth Dogfish, Lesser Spotted Catshark. Cod Family: Pollack, Cod, Coalie, Haddock, Ling, Whiting, Rockling, Bait Fish: Mackerel, Herring, Launce. Flatties: Plaice, Dabs. Wrasse: Ballan, Cuckoo, Gold Sinney, Cork Wing, Rockcook. Gurnards: Tub, Red, Streaked and Grey. Odds & Sods: Bream, Conger, Garfish. Still Looking For: Megaladon….now that would be some catch!

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