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We recommend that anglers bring a 12-20 lb class rod for the general fishing and preferably with a lever drag for the Tope fishing, filled with 30 lb. Braid. Most of our regulars also bring a Carp/spinning rod for the Pollack loaded with no less than 18 lb. line.

Please note we are now supplying:
• Tope traces, as we haven’t found any on the internet up to the job.
• the float rigs and drilled bullets as many struggle to get the right kit

The bullet points below outline what you need to bring with you for a typical day’s fishing with Onyer Marks Seafishing Charters Scotland:

* A set of Shrimp rigs or Sabikkis ( for sand Eel )
* 2x sets of Mackeral Lures. (shiny preferred)
* 2x 5oz. leads, 2x 10oz. leads and 2x 1 lb. leads
* 6x 1/2oz.drilled bullets.
* swivels and links.
* Beads
* 1x 7inch Cigar Float with suitable lead for the Pollack
* 2 Booms, (Preferably tubi-booms approx 6 inches long but zip
sliders will do.)
* good 20lb. trace line. ( Amnesia™ or equivalent )
* 6x 4/0 Hooks (Mustad™ 3261′s or equivalent ),
* 1x Pair of Wellies for getting off the boat with!
* Good weather and a smile!
* Tope trace.

*We found a lot of the shop bought Tope Traces are not up to purpose. If you want to make your own see here on our video at YouTube – opens in new window: Tope Traces Made Easy

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